Roof Replacement Timeline: How Long Does It Really Take?

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home, replacing an old or damaged roof is a critical investment. Engelhard Construction, which offers incredible home improvement services to people based in West Michigan, takes all the work off the hands of the homeowners, who might try to think through the overwhelming roof replacement process.

Factors Influencing Roof Replacement Time

Weather Conditions

The effect of weather on a new roof must be considered–good weather is a prerequisite for smooth and sound installation. Cold weather, in this case, below 40 degrees, presents a problem with handling and fixing asphalt shingles. Poor weather, such as rain and snow, will stop the work and produce unsafe conditions for the working staff. Planning for your new roof during good, mild weather conditions is prudent to avoid such drawbacks.

Type of Roofing Materials and Design

Different roofing materials take a different amount of time to install. For instance, the installation may take one to three days, while the slate tiles require six to seven days. How the roofing is designed also matters, as a complexly designed roof may prolong the installation period.

House Size

The size of your home will directly influence how long it will take to go about the replacement. Larger homes tend to have a larger roof surface; hence, they take more time to install than smaller homes. A complex design of your roof with several gables and valleys will also lengthen the time to ensure that each section is well-covered and sealed.

Roof Steepness and Accessibility

Large homes with steep roofs still require more precautions to safely carry out work, so more time is added for a complete job. Similarly, houses that are not accessible due to landscaping or traffic congestion in urban areas too can cause delays in getting materials to the job site and setting up.

Historical Significance and Structural Damage

Older, significant buildings will need special care and permits in addition to the general time that the replacement will take. Other hidden structural damage may also be discovered and need further repairing.

Roofing Maintenance Reminder

It will be essential to keep regular checks on the roof so that a roof can stay in good condition over time. Engelhard Construction advises conducting a roof inspection annually and after storms to ensure your house’s safety and strength.

Request an Estimate

At Engelhard Construction, a proper, solidly built roof that has been perfectly put in place is not just necessary for the integrity of your home but is part of its calling card as well. Our professional team at Engelhard is dedicated to making your replacement process a stress-free, efficient one that will be bent toward nothing except your most excellent satisfaction.

We believe quality and integrity—not shortcuts—are essential; this is how we can guarantee that our work is performed correctly. If you have a sneaking suspicion that a new roof is for your home, or if you have questions about the process involved in getting a new roof, call us for an estimate on that new roof; we can turn your expectations into reality with a beautifully designed and meticulously installed new roof.

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