Discover the Best Spring Basement Renovation Trends in Jenison, Michigan

Are you planning to renovate your basement this spring and looking for some inspiring ideas? Look no further than your local experts at Engelhard Construction! In this blog post, we share the latest spring trends in basement renovations, with a special highlight on leading local industry expert Engelhard Construction.

Spring Trends in Basement Renovations

The team at Engelhard Construction has observed some captivating trends this spring that help bring life and energy to basement renovation projects all over West Michigan. Some of these trends include

Green Palettes

Color palettes for basements have had a long-standing reputation for being neutral and flat, but now individuals are embracing a more vibrant colorscape.  Rather than sticking to beiges and grays, basement colors are going green, symbolizing rejuvenation and creating a natural, calming ambiance. Now more than ever, people are using basement remodels as an opportunity to extend the living space of their homes with creative design ideas.

Industrial Chic

Midwest basements are known for being composed of industrial materials like concrete and brick with exposed floor beams and pipes. Rather than cover these up with drywall, many people are choosing to embrace these features as a form of industrial chic design. Not only does keeping these exposed brick walls or ceiling beams bring a unique and contemporary look to your basement, but it significantly cuts down the cost of your renovation.

Flex Space

By recognizing the basement as more than just a storage or laundry space, more homeowners are opting to transition their basements into versatile spaces that can switch from a home office to a gym or guest room. This allows for the space to grow with you and your family. Maybe it starts as a play room and then ends as a home theater? The options are truly unlimited.

Why Choosing Engelhard Construction is a Smart Decision

With deep roots in the Jenison community, Engelhard Construction brings trust and enthusiasm to their clients’ project goes beyond just business-like interactions. They pay close attention to individual preferences while incorporating trendy yet timeless designs. Their reputation for excellence in basement renovations is reinforced by positive customer testimonials and high standards of delivery. Why not let Engelhard turn your renovation dream into a reality this spring?

For more insights into their projects and how they can transform your basement, check out their Portfolio.

Ask For a Quote

No matter how big or how small the project, the team at Engelhard Construction, your local Jenison, Michigan experts, are equipped and ready to create your perfect basement space this spring. If you’re thinking of a spring renovation, think Engelhard Construction. Get in touch with us today for a quote by filling out our online contact form.

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