Custom Built-In Cabinetry

Built-in cabinets can be custom-built to fit a specific space or set into the wall. Custom built-in cabinetry can be used in a variety of spaces, such as in entertainment centers, flanking a fireplace, adding functionality to a nursery, or as storage in a kitchen.

Our custom cabinetry is built by our skilled craftsman to the highest quality standards. We plan and build  your built-in cabinets either on site to fit perfectly with your space for optimal functionality. We use plywood and poplar( mdf plywood) on most of our built-in cabinetry for longevity and strength. That way you can choose between paint or stain when you choose a finish.

Custom Built-In Cabinetry FAQs

Where in my home can I install custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets can be installed anywhere in the home. Their function extends far beyond the kitchen alone. You can install custom cabinets in the living room to house your TV and other electronics, or in a home office for extra storage and workspace. Another great location for custom built-ins is in a mud room for coat lockers, or in a bedroom for extra clothing and linen storage.

Can custom cabinets be moved?

Depending on how your builder installs custom cabinets and built-ins, they can be removed and placed elsewhere in the home. In order to do so you must remove them very gently to prevent any damage. If you think you will want to move your custom cabinets at any point in the future, it is best to communicate this to your builder beforehand, so they are installed in a way that makes relocation possible.

What is the difference between custom and semi-custom cabinets?

The main difference between custom and semi-custom cabinetry is in the number of options you have to build your cabinets. While semi-custom cabinets offer many choices like paint color, stain color, hardware, size, and shape, you are still limited to a strict number of options. With custom cabinetry and built-ins, the options are truly unlimited. If you can dream it, Engelhard Construction can build it.

Do custom cabinets increase your home's value?

Anytime you update the look or function of your home, you are adding value to it. When you do so with high-quality materials or one-of-a-kind amenities you are adding even greater value. Custom Cabinets and built-ins add uniqueness and functionality to the home that many buyers look for.

What are custom cabinets made of?

When compared to the composition of stock cabinets, custom cabinets are of the highest quality built-ins available. We will work within your budget to create beautiful, strong, and unique cabinets that will bring form and function to your space. Popular choices for materials include genuine woods like maple, oak, cherry, and walnut, but you can be as creative as you want when it comes to choosing the material.

Why are custom cabinets more expensive than stock cabinets?

There are multiple things that factor into the higher price tag of custom cabinets as opposed to stock cabinets. To start, custom cabinets are made with higher quality materials, which cost more to begin with. You are also paying for the labor that goes into measuring and fitting the cabinets to your exact specifications. And lastly, you are paying for the high-quality work that goes into actually building and installing the cabinets.

How long do custom cabinets last?

When built and installed by highly skilled craftsmen like the team members at Engelhard Construction, custom cabinets should last a lifetime. As long as you take care of your cabinets and built-ins they can last until you're ready for another update, if you even want one. Some cabinets can weather faster than others depending on their location and amount of use.

How long does it take to build custom cabinets?

Anything that is being made from scratch is going to take longer, and custom cabinets are no exception. Depending on the lead times for materials, how large the project is, and how detailed your design is, your builder can provide you with an estimate of how long it will take for your custom cabinets to be built.

How much do custom built-in cabinets cost?

The cost of your built-in custom cabinets depends on the material used, the number of cabinets you have done, and their size. During your initial consultation, our team will be able to give you an accurate quote.

How long will it take to install my custom built-in cabinets?

The exact time it will take our team to install your cabinets depends on a number of factors, including how many cabinets you’re having installed and the extent of the job.

Do I need to come to the initial consultation with design ideas?

No! We can help you develop design ideas that will fit your needs and decor. While you can come to your first consultation with pictures and ideas, it’s not a requirement.

Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

While customers have the choice of stock or semi-custom cabinetry, there are some major benefits to choosing custom cabinetry. These cabinets are made with better materials than other options, which means that they will last much longer and look better over time. Plus, because they are custom-made, they are built like handcrafted furniture for more precise and detailed results. Custom cabinetry is also built to fit your specific space for an overall better look.

Why Choose Us?

Built-in cabinetry can bring beauty, drama, and functional storage to a room. However, when done incorrectly, you can find yourself frustrated and out a good chunk of money. Hiring professionals such as the Engelhard construction LLC team can ensure that you receive the beautiful custom built-in cabinetry you desire. Our team has the skill and knowledge to create and install custom cabinetry correctly and in a timely manner to save you time and money in the long run.

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