The Best Rooms To Add To A Basement

An unfinished basement can be wasted space in your home, while a finished basement provides your family with room to spread out. You can turn a basement into a space where your family relaxes or where you get things done. There are many types of rooms that can be beneficial to your family when added to your basement. Let’s take a look at a few!

Create a Movie Room

Basements tend to be darker than the rest of the house, letting in less sunlight. While Engelhard Construction can set up lighting to make your basement bright and cheery, we can also take advantage of that darkness and make it the perfect place to go when you want to watch a movie.

A basement movie room gives you a place where you can set up a screen and focus on what you’re watching without dealing with sunshine and reflections. You can also choose luxurious seating making it feel just like a theater set up in your own home.

Set Up an Office Space

If you find it hard to get things done while on the main floor of your home, going down to the basement might give you the peace and quiet you need. Engelhard Construction in West Michigan can create the office you want with plenty of outlets for keeping your devices charged. You will find that you accomplish more once you have a dedicated space for working.

Let Your Children Have a Play Room

The many toys that children own and use can get in the way and make your house look messy. A basement playroom gives children a place where they can play without disturbing anyone. It also keeps the rest of your home from being overrun with toys. Set up a play area in your basement and consider having shelving built to hold all of your kids’ toys.

Create a Luxurious Bathroom

If you have always dreamed of having a tub that you can soak in but you were unable to put that in on the main level of your home, a basement gives you a space where you can have a new bathroom created.

If you would like to have a jacuzzi or you want a special type of shower built, you can have that created in your basement. Any luxuries you’ve always wanted in a bathroom can become real when you build and design a bathroom in your basement remodel.

Schedule A Consultation

When you know what you want your basement to become, you’re one step closer to having the space of your dreams. To get started, schedule a consultation with Engelhard Construction located in the greater Grand Rapids area (Jenison, Hudsonville, Wyoming, Allendale, Grandville, etc.). Our team can help you build a plan, provide an estimate, and give you a timeline for your basement project.

To schedule an appointment today, call us at 616) 204-5376 or fill out our online form.

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