Construction Services in Allendale, MI

Engelhard Construction is a leading construction company in Allendale, MI, and the surrounding West Michigan area. Our team of experienced contractors and craftsmen are pleased to offer remodeling, renovation, and repair services for all of your home’s needs.

Home Remodeling in Allendale, MI

Home remodeling is a great way to make your new home completely your own. If you are considering a home remodel in Allendale, MI, our team will help you design a customized build that considers your style and budget. We can help you upgrade the entire floor plan to meet your family’s needs or alter main spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. We offer the following home remodeling services:

Home Repairs in Allendale, MI

Our professional contractors have experience with all types of home repairs in Allendale, MI. Whether it’s a small repair or new installation of tiles, drywall, plumbing, or electrical work, our team has you covered. Home repairs not only improve the aesthetic of your home but also ensure a safe and comfortable space. Our team can help you with the following home repair and improvement projects:

  • Tile and Flooring Repair or Replacement
  • Drywall Work
  • Plumbing Repair and Installation
  • Electrical Repair and Replacement

Home Additions in Allendale, MI

Home additions can be a significant improvement for an existing home. Whether it’s an extra bedroom to accommodate your growing family, an added garage, or extra space to relax, our team of experienced contractors can help. We offer the following home additions in Allendale, MI to meet your family’s needs and your goals for the perfect home:

  • Great Room Addition
  • Dining Room Addition
  • Bathroom Addition
  • Guest Bedroom Addition
  • Sunroom Additions
  • Garage Additions
  • And more

Basement Finishing in Allendale, MI 

Many basements are left unfinished and although they might be great for storage, we can help you take advantage of this extra space. The basement can be a great place to set up a game room, home office, guest bedroom, and more. Our professional team offers many services like drywall installation, electrical installation, carpeting, and door or window installation to customize your basement finishing in Allendale, MI for your individual needs.

Deck Building in Allendale, MI 

Having a deck gives you the outdoor space to relax and entertain your friends and family during the warmer months. By giving your backyard more function, you also increase your home’s value for future buyers. Our team has years of experience building custom decks in Allendale, MI, and we can help you find the right layout that fits your backyard space and plans for how to use the deck. We offer these deck options and more:

  • Composite Decks
  • Wood Decks
  • Stamped Concrete Patios
  • Under Decking

Roofing and Gutters in Allendale, MI  

Properly installed roofs and gutters will keep your home safe from weather and water damage. When our experienced team assesses your roof, we can determine whether a foundational repair is needed so that potential problems do not worsen. We rely on quality fiberglass-backed asphalt shingles, ice guards, aluminum drip edging, and ridge vents with matching cap shingles to enhance the look and structure of your roof and gutters.

Custom-Build Cabinetry in Allendale, MI  

Custom-built cabinets add functionality and an aesthetic appeal to your home design or remodel. Although cabinets are popular in the kitchen, they can also be installed as storage in the bathroom, laundry room, or bedrooms and can even be crafted into entertainment centers in the living room or basement. When you choose custom cabinetry in Allendale, MI, you will get to decide all of the details, including color, style, and wood.

About Allendale, Michigan

Allendale, MI is a charter township in West Michigan with a population of about 26,700 people. It is popularly known as the location of Grand Valley State University and there are many recreational activities for students and residents. Grand Ravines Park offers miles of hiking trails and a large dog park. Allendale is also located centrally between the bustling city of Grand Rapids and the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

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