4 Signs You Should Consider a Basement Remodel

Basements are among the most versatile spaces in our homes, yet many people fail to take advantage of the potential hiding beneath their main living areas. Homeowners may be missing a real opportunity to make the most of their homes and to add value to the home for future sale. If you have a basement in your home, here are four reasons you should look into a renovation project.

Upstairs is Cramped

Probably the most obvious reason to make upgrades downstairs is that you have run out of room upstairs. Our lives seem to require more and more space, but our homes have their limits. Whether it’s your college grad moving back home while job hunting, you taking up a new hobby that takes up a lot of space, or even inheriting furniture that needs to be stored somewhere safe, your basement can quickly become a big boost to your total square footage, making your house more functional and more valuable.

There is Damage Downstairs

The underground location of your basement helps regulate temperatures and makes it a safe place during severe weather, but it also subjects the basement to problems with moisture and settling. If you’re experiencing leaks or even just seeping water in your basement, take some time to work with our team to fix the problem and repair the damage. A little work at the first sign of trouble will save you thousands in repairs and lost value later.

You Need to Boost Value

If you expect to put your home up for sale soon, you’re wise to do anything you can to boost its value. What better way to do that than to add square footage, possibly even doubling the living space? That’s exactly what renovating your basement will do. Potential buyers will be pleasantly surprised to see usable space downstairs that they didn’t expect. Adding recreational spaces, storage, bedrooms, or bathrooms can provide a huge boost to the home’s value.

It’s Short of Its Potential

An unfinished basement is bursting with potential, and the further you can take it from cement walls and floors, the nicer and more valuable your home will be. Don’t be satisfied to simply stack boxes and crates in this space. You paid for it, so you should make the most of it. Create a vision for what you’d like to do with your basement. Our team at Engelhard Construction can make it a reality.

Get A Quote Today!

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